FAQ - Preguntas frecuentes

Frequent questions

• Why buy at Milford Shoes?
 Our shoes are manufactured 100% in Spain, with high quality leathers and by expert hands with more than 30 years of tradition. We select the skins, we carry out a meticulous manufacturing process taking care of every detail of it, the result a shoe where comfort, quality and design are the features that define us.

• Can I cancel or modify my order?
If you have finished the order and want to make some modification or cancellation, as long as you have not entered the production phase, get in touch with our team as soon as possible through info@milfordshoes.com. We will inform you shortly.

• How similar is the configurator's shoe with the one I receive?
•One of our greatest achievements has been the virtual configurator of shoes, we have invested a lot of time and effort in creating the program that allows us to get as close as possible to the real textures and colors of our skins. Even so it is a virtual configurator and there may be small differences.

• What is my correct size in Milford Shoes?
Our lasts are checked so you will have no problem asking for your usual size of a dress shoe.
In case of doubts, in each shoe model there is a table of measurements available.

• What should I do if my product arrives in a bad state
In Milford Shoes we take care of the detail of each shoe, the quality is one of our premises, for that reason a shoe with defect will never be sent. In the exceptional case that this situation should happen, you should contact us through info@milfordshoes.com

• More doubts

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